Sports Betting: Easy Way To Win Your Bets

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sports-betting-easy win (1)

Deep Understanding of Sports Betting

Sports betting is the act of placing wager in a sporting event. There are many types of bets that you can make in famous online sports betting platform such as Maxbet. Some of the most noticeable sport bets that you can make is soccer, NBA, horse, tennis, golf, dog or racing driver.

Sports betting is taking place all over the world on a daily basis. The availability of sports betting is widespread nowadays and you can enjoy making a good bet anytime anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet.

The online sports betting is certainly more exciting than a casino bets. If you are truely a sport fans, you can test your skill and knowledge by making a sports bet. It is a great way to win some cash base on your most passionate hobby.

The art of sports betting can be confusing at first. There are many sports betting jargon to get used to before you can make a profitable bet. However, these jargon is easy to learn and can be apply almost instantly to all bets. The logic behind each bets is much easier than you can think of. If you are serious about sports betting, making money from sports bet can be easier than you think.

One of the fastest and easiest way to engage in sports betting is to seek the service of online sports betting platform such as Maxbet, IBCBet, Sbobet, etc. However, if you are looking for a big win, you need to do a little homework before making your bet.  

The Odds of Sports Betting

Sports betting is pretty straight forward. You can start to make your bet by studying about the odds for the sports betting event that most interest you. Besides, you can find these odds in various online sports books used by internet games everywhere. However, you are only required to open an account with the online sportsbook before you can start making your bet.

In most occasion, you can open your account by sending in a account opening request with the Live Chat personnel in the sports betting platform. Once done, you would then need to decide on how you are going to place your bet. There are many ways for you to make a wager. But first, let’s understand the betting spread and how it can affect the amount you bet.

The Spread in Sports Betting

In all sports bet, the spread is actually the point advantage which you can use to win your bet. Spread is usually given to the team which are generally expected to lose in a particular sporting event. On the other hand, if you are betting on a team whcih you expected to win, the chosen team would have to win by more than the spread number. Generally, they would have to cover the spread before you are considered to have chosen correctly.

When you choose a team that is expected to lose, the team would have to lose by less than the spread number in order for your pick to be considered correct. In the occasion whereby the teams wins by the number of points that were chosen as the spread, the game is called a push.

When the game resulted in a push, no one would win the bet. However, you will get back the amount of your original bet back. The point spread is done in order to make the all of the bets come out even for the sports book, and is usually done for sports such as basketball or football.

The Bets in Sports Betting

By betting against the spread, you will most likely to place a type of bet which is called an 11-10 or spread bet. For instance, by betting $11, you would win $10 whenever your team scores cove the spread. This is also how the online bookmakers win their money.

Over-Under Bet

An over-under bet is also an 11-10 bet. In this type of bet, the total score of the two teams that played will be either over or under the total score that was listed before the game was played. In another term, ‘betting on the ball’ is also a mean for betting on the score being over. On the other hand, ‘betting on the clock’ is also known as betting the score being under.

The bookmakers choose the odds and the conditions of the bet, it is called a proposition bet. This kind of bet can get really exciting and fun. The conditions can be as unusual as which two football teams will score the most, which two basketball team will score most three pointed, or even which individual player will make a certain move for the team. In most occasion, this kind of bet are 11-10. However, it can be better or worst depending on the circumstances.

Parlay Bet

In a Parlay bet, you are betting on more than one event, usually three. You would receive a higher payout when you win the parlay bet. However, the catch of this bet is that you would have to win all events that you make a bet on. Even when one of them loses, they will all lose and you will lose all the amount that you bet on.

Money Line Bet

The money line bet is one of the simplest bets of all. It is suitable for the beginners of sports betting. This type of bet is also called a Straight Up bet and there would be no point spread to consider. You would have to choose your sport and then the team you think will be either the underdog or the favorite. To spot a money line bet, the bookmakers will list numbers that are in hundreds, with either a plus or minus sign beside them.

When the money line for your team is listed as 100, you would make an even bet. This would also mean that you are wagering the same amount that you will get back. When the money line reads -100, you would then have to come up with the amount of money you have decided to bet plus 10%.

On the other hand whereby your team listed as +100, then you can simply place your bet with the amount you choose to bet. When you win a money line bet, you will get the amount of your bet plus 10% back. For instance, if you make a bet of $10.00 and $1.00 in juice on a -110 money line and it wins, you get $21.00.

Teaser Bet

A Teaser bet is actually a proposition bet that allows you to change the odds for the bet in either direction so that the wager is in your favor. You can go up or down in points, and must choose at least two teams, as is done in a parlay bet.

If you are choosing teaser bet, you may have as many as 6 separate teams included on a teaser bet. However, all team would have to win in order for your bet to declare a winning one. Once the game is over, the points from the teaser bet are added or subtracted from the final scores. The odds for teaser bets can be different each time, so it is a good plan to always check the sports book before placing your bet.


Sports betting is a great way for many sports fans to win some money on their sports knowledge. There are many ways for a beginner to get up to speed and start winning from their bets. However, you would have to get the right knowledge regarding sports betting before you can consistently make profitable bets.


Somethings That Bookmakers Don’t Want You to Know in Sports Betting



Online Sports Betting

Sports betting had become a hot topic nowadays. There are over billion people are loving the sporting, especially the soccer. The sporting is a healthy activity that will stronger the body’s ability. Since early, the growing creative gambling game. The people had created the sports betting which using the reality sports tournament as their gambling desk for bet placing. In the sports betting, the dealer we called as bookmakers as they are the one who offers the odds and betting system.

The sports betting is a fairness gambling game. As the winning odds is made according to the reality sports team or player. To win the bet, the backed team need to win the match as well. Unlike other gambling games need to rely on the luck. The sports betting use the prediction to increase the chance of winning a bet. Thanks to the growing of internet, the bookmakers had to change the service to the online. Now, the people able to bet their backed team on the site.

Secrets of Sports Betting

Although the sports betting is a fairness gambling, but it is not difficult to win from the bet. By doing some works before betting on the sports, that may help to win with higher probability.

Know Your Sports Inside Out

It is a useful point for the prediction. Not matter how many games that the team or player won continuously, it doesn’t able take into the action. In the betting system, the result will not be the point but the processing of the outcome is much important. Were they good at keeping possessions or were they lucky?

The Favourite Doesn’t Always Win

The favourite meaning in sports betting is the team or player is having a stronger skill and ability compare with the opposite. But the favourite has the higher probability of winning the game. Why didn’t the favourite always win the game? It is why you should clearly understand the team’s or player’s news. Sometimes, they may have occurred some issues and affected to their performance. And the underdog takes the opportunity to beat the favourite. By the time, you betting on underdog then you are going to earning a lot of money.

The Fewer Selections, the Better Chance to Win

The fewer selections will deduct the bookmaker’s house edge. The higher house edge, the higher benefit to the host. At the same time, when you are deciding which the bet want to placed. The few selections may be less worry. The sportsbook Malaysia, they often offer the moneylines betting system. But that’s two types of the moneylines – 2-ways moneylines and 3-ways moneylines. In the moneylines, you either bet home win or away win or draw. But the 2-ways moneylines’ draw game will count as void, and the stake will be refunded.

Avoid the Temptation of Odds-On Prices

In every sports betting, the bookmakers will offer some betting with large winning odds it is known as the mini bet. Those bets request you to bet with a small wager and able to win a huge prize. But those bets have a small percentage of winning rate to win the bet. That’s better to save those wagers and bet into the proper betting system to maximise your win.

In the big size of the tournament, the bookmakers will offer some special bets. Like the future bet to predict which team will be the championship, but it needs to take about a month to know the result. Some more it is super low percentage to know which team will be the winner. As sometimes the sports gameplay is random in every tournament.

Don’t Bet with Your Feeling

It is the worst betting behaviour in the sports betting. The sports betting doesn’t same with the casino table games. Sports betting needs to use the knowledge and strategy to gambling with bookmakers. Sometimes, most of the fans will keep placing bet on their backed team. But if you bet to win, bet on the team who has higher winning rate rather than your favourite team. That’s an action of killing yourself.

Maxbet Malaysia

Maxbet is one of the sports bookmakers in the Malaysia. They are leading the largest online soccer betting site which provided over hundred matches of the soccer daily. It is over million fans to bet with Maxbet Malaysia as they offer the higher stake on their betting site.

What is The Attracting of Online Soccer Betting in Maxbet Malaysia



Maxbet Malaysia

Maxbet is a website offer the online sportsbook in the Malaysia. They are leading the online sports betting site, which is the largest platform in the Malaysia. The Maxbet Malaysia is a historical online sports betting provider in the world. They provide various types of the sports betting events on their site for the members to enjoy the betting system. Merely in the Malaysia, Maxbet has more than million active members to enjoy their betting system on a user-friendly site. Among all of the sports betting system in the Maxbet Malaysia, the soccer betting is the most popular betting system.

Online Soccer Betting

There are many people like to bet on the soccer betting system. In every part of the world, there are over billions of soccer fans. They like to watch the gameplay, and most of them will place a bet on their favorite team. In the soccer betting, the bookmaker and punters use the reality soccer tournament become their gambling desk for bet placing. The soccer betting is an interesting betting system that not rely on the luck but do on the strategy. Since the soccer match is playing with the skill quality to win a game but not simply kick and goal. By winning from soccer betting, you have to make a right prediction to win the bet.

What is The Attracting of Soccer Betting?

Why that’s so many people betting on soccer with Maxbet Malaysia? Are you the Maxbet soccer betting member? Nowadays, the soccer betting is known as a most played gambling game in the world. The people from every part of the world enjoy the soccer betting every day. But what make them interesting on the soccer betting?

The Fans of Soccer Team to Support

The first and common reason of people like to betting on soccer is they are the fans of the soccer team. The soccer betting has two types of punters – one is bet for a win and another one is bet for fun. In the environment of the soccer, there are over billion fans. Among billion fans, there are thousands million fans are gambling on soccer betting. Normally, if you are fans of Liverpool and you willing spend the money on buying their t-shirt. But some punters willing to spend a little money on soccer betting with Maxbet because they believe they will win. At the same time, the punters will win the bet as well.

The Longest Gameplay Duration to Satisfy Excitability

Some of the people gambling is to satisfy the feeling of excitability. But other casino games will finish around within few minutes. The soccer betting takes more than 90 minutes to release the result of the game and betting result. During the process of the sports betting, the gameplay is tension. In the soccer betting, a goal may change the result of the betting’s outcome. With a long duration of gameplay, it may able comeback by the team you backed.

The Various Patterns of Soccer Betting System to Choose

The soccer betting system has a lot of the betting options on soccer betting. The different soccer betting options have different winning odds and betting patterns. The most important are they have the different difficult level of betting on the soccer betting. Normally, the soccer betting includes the Moneyline, Asian Handicap, Parlays, and others. Those soccer betting options have the different betting patterns but each of them is interesting. They are using the strategy and prediction to bet on the betting option that bookmaker offered.

The bookmaker will select few of the betting options and display on their site. That allows the member to pick one of them for bet placing. The Malaysia bookmaker will use the Moneyline and Asian Handicap as the betting options on their site. Both of them are the easier betting option and punters demand about it. Same as the Maxbet, they do offer the similar betting option on the site. But Maxbet is offering higher stake limit for the member so punter able to place larger wager into the game.

Have you Attracted by Soccer Betting?

That’s many people our there were attracted by the soccer betting. Do you? The soccer betting is interesting by placing the bet on the favorite team and enjoy the process of soccer gameplay. In early, I don’t watch the soccer match until I gambling on soccer betting. After that, I found an interesting feeling of gambling soccer. Come pick a Maxbet site and bet on soccer to found that feel, and taste how good it is.

Earning Money from Online Sportsbook on Maxbet Malaysia



Online Sportsbook Malaysia

Have you recognized with the sportsbook? Sportsbook is known as a gambling game under the casino categories. The sportsbook is called as online sports betting in Malaysia. Sports betting is a gambling play on the reality sports games, which the people use the sports tournament become their “gambling table” to place a bet with a bookmaker. The sports betting is the most popular gambling so far, as there are over billion fans of the sporting from every part of the world. The sports betting is including most of the sports, like soccer, basketball, MMA, hockey and much more. Those games are offered by the bookmaker.

Maxbet Malaysia

In the Malaysia, that’s quite a lot of the bookmakers offer the sports betting service to the Malaysian player. The Maxbet is one of the sports bookmaker offer sports betting. Maxbet is leading the online sports betting site, which is the largest platform of the sports betting system in Malaysia. The betting games among the Maxbet Malaysia, the soccer betting is the most played betting game. So, Maxbet Malaysia offers most number of the matches of soccer betting on their site.

Online Soccer Betting

In the Malaysia, there are over millions of the soccer betting fans to enjoy every day. Not just the Malaysia, that’s a lot of fans from every part of the world enjoy the soccer betting. The soccer betting is the only sports betting that offer a lot of the betting options for the member to enjoy with more interesting. Besides, the soccer betting strategy, unlike other casino games which rely on the luck more than strategy. But the soccer betting is relying on the betting strategies to win the bet. That’s different ability between both teams or players, that will affect the winner of the game.

Earning Money from Soccer Betting

Are you the budding punter looking to earn money from the online soccer betting? Every gambling has the risk of winning and losing. The gambling is a fast response investment. Once you invest the money into the soccer betting, you will get a response after 90 minutes. In the process of the investment, it is tension and irritation as you able to watch the live gameplay of soccer match. One goal will change everything in the betting, and they won’t score much in the match.

But in the soccer betting, that’s much easier to win from the betting compare to other casino games. As other casino games are playing with the luck, you won’t know what is the next number will appear and it is a non-prediction gambling. Gambling with soccer betting, you are able to make the prediction of the higher probability team will win the game. In the soccer, normally the favorite always win the game. But sometimes, underdog may win the game as well but it is super low probability will happen.

In order to earn the money from the soccer betting, you have to understand well with the gameplay of soccer and the betting options of soccer betting. Each of the bookmakers may offer the different soccer betting options on the site. Each of the soccer betting options has the level of difficulty of prediction, but the harder prediction the higher winning odds.

Besides, the right prediction is the key to earning money from soccer betting. The betting option is choosing for the odds you want to win and play, but that won’t help you on the prediction. So as to correct the prediction, you have to clearly understand both teams’ performances. The stronger ability of the team will get the higher chance of the winning game.

Next, you have to read the news of the teams. Whether which player has the injury or suspended and unable to join the match Sometimes the soccer is relying on the leader who has the greatest skill to leading the game if the player is happening and the team will lose the confident. Nevertheless, the schedule is the most important issue of the match as well as your prediction. Let’s say if a team’s schedule is crowded but straight wins for the games. But after two or three matches, the team will lose the stamina and underdog take over their place. As the underdog has the full stamina to beat down the favorite.


That’s not much harder to earn the money from soccer betting, by predict well and you able to win the bet easily. In the Malaysia, the Maxbet Malaysia is offering the higher stakes limit to their member. Play with Maxbet Malaysia, you able to bet larger and win more from the soccer betting. As well as, the Maxbet Malaysia is providing over hundred matches of soccer betting daily. Play the Maxbet Malaysia and taste their service to the big win from soccer betting.

1X2 Soccer Betting Option | Online Sportsbook Malaysia | Maxbet Malaysia



Online Sportsbook

The sportsbook is one of the events of casino gambling games. Also, the sportsbook is the most famous gambling game around the world. The people in every part of the world is dealing with the sportsbook every day. The sportsbook in the Malaysia, they called as sports betting. The sports betting is containing most of the sports games. In another word, the sports game tournament had become the punter’s “gambling desk”. Similar to the casino game, your prediction is right and the bet will be won.

Thanks to the raising of the internet and technology, they change the world as well as the betting system. Nowadays, people able to play and bet on the favorite sports game through the internet web. Every bookmaker had delivered the service through the online, which convenient and benefit to the punters. In the online sports betting, the punters able to read the betting information clearly. Some more the Malaysia doesn’t have the land-based bookmakers, so the punters need to find them out and bet. With the online sports betting Malaysia, the punters can find the online bookmaker through searching.

Online Soccer Betting

In the online sports betting, they include many sports games as well as the soccer betting. The soccer betting is the most famous gambling event on every part of the world. They are not merely popular in the gambling event, they are the most played sports game as well. The soccer had become an interest and hobby of the people, and all of them are those professional soccer teams’ fans. By the way, the soccer betting has two types of the punters – bet for win and bet for fun. Most of the punters who bet for fun, mostly are the fans of that soccer team. Next, the punters who bet on win, they will be more professional to the soccer betting as the soccer betting having a lot of the betting options. Each of the betting options considers different betting patterns and different payout.

1X2 Soccer Betting Option

The 1X2 market is the most popular betting option in the European countries. It is most common betting option that the punters will understand easily. In the 1X2 betting option, the bookmaker will display three outcomes of the bet placing – home win, draw, and away win. When you want to bet on home win, then in the 1X2 betting top you need to bet on 1 to presenting you bet on home. If you want to bet both of the teams draw, then bet on X. Last, if you wish to bet on away win, then you should bet on 2. The 1X2 betting option is a similar betting strategy with the money line. Although the betting patterns are the same, but the odds are the different calculation.

Let us use the past tournament soccer betting, the 2012/13 Premier League opening week game between Everton and Manchester City as the example:

(1) Everton 4.250

(X) Draw 3.790

(2) Manchester City 1.917

If the stake is $10. When you bet on (1) to win, then you would win $43.50 which included your wager cost of $10. If you bet on (X) to win, then you would win $37.90 including betting cost. If you bet on (2) to win, then you would win a total $19.17 include the $10 costs. This is the simplest soccer betting option in the European countries. It is multiplying winning odds. The 1×2 betting option is the easier prediction on soccer betting.

Maxbet Malaysia

Maxbet is one of the online sports bookmakers. It is leading the online sports betting site in the Malaysia, which provide the largest platform of the soccer betting system in the Asia. They had included other sports games as well but mainly focus on the soccer betting. They have nearly million members enjoy their sports betting site around the Asia every day. Because Maxbet is providing the higher stake limit to the members as well as the highly-interested soccer betting option in the Maxbet Malaysia Sports Betting Site.

Simple Tips for Sports Betting | Online Sportsbook Malaysia | Maxbet Malaysia



Online Soccer Betting

Soccer betting is one of the events of sports betting. The betting is using the reality soccer match as their “betting table” and play with real money, which considers one of the casino games. The soccer betting had known as the most played betting in the sports betting, even within all of the casino games in Malaysia. As the betting brought the tension and irritation during the gameplay, and most of the people gambling are to get that feeling. In the Malaysia, that’s few online bookmakers provide the betting system, as well as many online sports betting agents. It is easy to find an online sports betting site to place the bet on soccer.

Maxbet Malaysia

Maxbet is one of the online sportsbook providers, and Maxbet is leading the online sports betting site in Malaysia. Maxbet Malaysia is providing various types of the sports betting games in the site, especially the soccer betting occupied more than 50% of the games list. The Maxbet Malaysia is famous not because of their games provided. It is Maxbet Malaysia offer higher stake for the member to enjoy a high betting game.

Simple Tips to Deal with Soccer Betting

Believe most of the people had not played the soccer betting, and not really understand about the betting. The betting gameplay is different with other casino games. Other casino games are relying on luck, but the betting is relying on strategies.

Understand the Game

First thing first, to understand the gameplay is important to every casino game, not merely the soccer betting. Understand the game, so you are knowledgeable about where, which, when to bet on soccer betting. In the soccer betting, they have a lot of the rules and 90 minutes playing durations. Those are the things you should consider with the soccer gameplay.

Understand the Betting Patterns

In the soccer betting, the bookmaker will offer two or three out of various types of betting patterns on their site. All of the betting patterns are giving out the different value odds and the different betting styles. Normally, the soccer betting patterns have the money line, Asian handicap, parlay and others. The different betting option has the different level of winning.

Wager Controlling

Before starting the bet, you have to maximize your budget and maximize your bet. The gambling will affect to your financial problem. Gambling is just an entertainment, that’s unnecessary to spend the entire money into the gambling. The gambling will not always win the bet, sometimes it may lose the bet as well. The wager controlling is the most important of the discipline of gambling. In this situation, selecting your budget which is below the amount you affordable so by the time you still have enough money to life.

Betting Behavior

Behavior is one of the gambling disciplines as well. While playing the soccer betting, you should know when to stop betting. The gambling is the temptation, gambling can win the money but it able to lose the money as well. But many people are thinking with the positive of betting will win the money. Every online sports betting site will manage the house edge to benefit themselves, so they won’t lose much. In suggestion, you can play the soccer betting with two or three bets per tournament after that stop.

Never Bet on Underdog

In every match, that’s an underdog and a favorite in a match. The underdog always is the weakest team against the favorite. Although the underdog has higher value odds, but they have the lower probability of winning the game. In the history, the favorite always won the game and the underdog had won for a few games. Always don’t bet on soccer underdog team.


Soccer betting is not that hard to play. After you recognize with the soccer, this will be easy for you to win the game. Maxbet Malaysia is offering the greatest soccer betting experience. There are more than 6,000 players who play the soccer betting with Maxbet Malaysia.

Best Online Sports Betting Tips | Online Sportsbook Malaysia | Maxbet Malaysia



Online Sports Betting Malaysia

Sportsbook is one of the activities of casino games. The sportsbook is known as sports betting, which is the casino game play with the real-life sports games. The sports betting is including almost most of the sports games on the list. Sports betting is getting famous and increasing the popularity of the players. There are two types of punters of sports betting – bet for win, another one is bet for fun. Those players who bet for fun are supporting their favorite team or player of sports.

Early in the Malaysia, that’s only human bookmakers to collect the bet from the players. But now they develop the sportsbook become the online sports betting, which allows the players to place the bet through the internet. It is convenient to the sports betting players. The online sports betting is including more games and matches than the land bookmakers do. Until now, that’s more and more online sports betting site developed in the Malaysia.

Maxbet Malaysia

Maxbet is one of the online sportsbook providers, and Maxbet is leading online sports betting site in the Malaysia. They are having nearly 6,000 active players daily to enjoy their sportsbook. This is due to Maxbet Malaysia is offering the higher stake for the players, so they able to place larger bet into the games. Other than that, Maxbet Malaysia is offered the same sports games and betting option on the site.

Since early, Maxbet Malaysia only provides the soccer betting in Malaysia. But affected by the demand of players, they had installed many other sports games, like football, badminton, e-sport, MMA and etc. As the soccer betting is highly demanded than other game, soccer betting is occupied more than 50% of game lists in Maxbet Malaysia.

A Journey to Sports Betting

Although the sports betting is familiar to most of the people, but that still has some of them don’t have much knowledge about sports betting. The sports betting is same with other casino games to play with real money, but the sports betting is not fully relying on the luck. It is depending on the team’s or player’s ability to win the game. At the same time, your favorite win the game and you may win your bet. Besides, sports betting also relying on the strategy of betting. Sometimes player able to bet the team will lose by how many goals. It is not that easy to play the sports betting.


In order to have a better chance of winning in the game and bet. The players must be knowledgeable with the sports betting and the team or player as well. Every sports game is playing with the different rule. Like the soccer is playing with 90 minutes, but the timer won’t include the injury time, penalty kick or others. So, the game will play more than that. Besides, the soccer betting has a lot of bet style. For example, full-time/ half-time, goal over/ under, both team to score, goalscorer and more. There are many bets that players able to bet on the soccer betting.

Before starting the betting, players have to understand well of how the sports are going to play. And which team has the stronger ability to win the game that able to help you to win your bets.

Team Forms/ News

As mentioned above, the team’s form is important for the betting as well as a journey to win the game. The team form includes the players of the team and teamwork quality. If they have the low ability of the players and the worst teamwork, these will lose the game. The form is always able to found from the news or experience of their previous game’s performance.

Besides that, always reading the team’s news that you want to bet. This will affect your bet and their game easily. The news like the player injury, suspension, switch team and so on. What if the stronger ability player gets the injury and unable to join the game. Then the team’s probability of win will fall. The role of the team is important to get notify.

Understand the Betting Pattern

In the sports betting, that’s a lot of the betting option for the players to place bet into the game. Each of the sports game involves the different betting option which offered by the online bookmaker. For example, the soccer betting normally is using the Asian Handicap and Money Line as the betting options. They won’t include other option. As each of the sports betting options is designed for the specific sports. For sure, different option different betting styles.


In the end, the most important are to know how to control the bankroll. The bankroll is the key for you to win the money. Do not always places a large wager on the game. Miracle always happen. The underdog may win the favorite as well. You are not always to bet large in the Maxbet Malaysia, they allow the small bet as well. Maxbet Malaysia is providing the best user experience of online sports betting in the Malaysia.

Many Different Types of Soccer Betting | Football Sports Betting | Online Sportsbook Malaysia

Many Different Types of Soccer Betting | Football Sports Betting | Online Sportsbook Malaysia

Online Sports Betting

The online sports betting is getting popular in the Malaysia. Sports betting is one of the online casino games which placing the bet on a favorite sports team to win the game. It is played on the real time and real games, unlike the casino video games which controlled by the computer. But the sports betting is giving through the real result by the real-time sports match. Sports betting is including most of the sports games in the world.

Maxbet Malaysia

In the Malaysia, that’s a lot of the sports betting site surrounding. They include the Maxbet Malaysia. Maxbet Malaysia is the leading online sports betting site in the Malaysia, formerly it was called IBCbet Malaysia. Now Maxbet Malaysia is offering the live games and online slot games as well, and the IBCbet Malaysia become the sports betting gambling site. They are including various choices of the sports games on the site and more than 100 matches every day. In the Maxbet Malaysia, the soccer is the most played sports betting games and they inserted 50% of the soccer game matches in the site daily.

Sports Betting on Soccer Malaysia

The soccer betting is the most famous sports betting games in the Malaysia. The Malaysian, call the soccer betting as football betting as well. That’s also many Malaysia soccer teams involved in the Asia soccer competition, and slowly the people are interested in the soccer. And the soccer betting in available on the Maxbet Malaysia, so they are supporting their favorite by betting.
In the Malaysia, they have a culture that gathering in the night restaurant (Mamak) to watch soccer match live. The soccer betting had brought the excited feeling to those soccer lovers in the Malaysia. Not just Malaysian, other counties also like the soccer as well especially the European. Since most of the soccer teams are formed in the Europe, so they will support their home country same like the Malaysian did.

Different Kinds of Soccer Betting

The sports betting having a lot of the betting patterns. But in the soccer, once you had chosen the pattern to bet and have to choose which to bet like, play for halftime, play for full time and others. The soccer betting having many different kinds for you to play.

Full-Time Result

Betting on the full-time result mean picking one of three possible outcomes at the end of the result: home team wins; away team win; or draw. The soccer gameplay is using 90 minutes to finish a match, there including the injury time but excludes the extra time, shootout or golden shoot.

Double Chance

Betting on soccer double chance that means picking two out of three possible outcomes at the end of the result. It able to be home team win and draw or away team win and draw or home team and away team wins (no draw). Since it is giving the better chance of winning soccer betting, the bookmaker will not give the good winning odds for the soccer betting double chance.

Correct Score

Betting on soccer correct score is to predict an actual score will be at the end of the result. In order to win the bet, you need to correct prediction on the both teams’ total score in the match.

Full Time/ Half Time

The full time and half time need you to predict which team will win the match or it is a draw match at both full time and half time of the match. In order to win the prize, you have to correct predict the on both full time and half time to award the winning odds.

Full Time/ Half Time Correct Score

In this kind of soccer betting, you not just have to correct winning team on both full time and half time. In the event, you have to correct the prediction of the exact score for each team

Goals Over/ Under

Before the match start, the bookmaker will make a prediction of a total number of goals that team will score. And your job is to guess larger or lesser number of goals than the bookmaker’s prediction. It will award if you guess right.

Both Teams to Score

You can either predict each of the team scores at least one goal, or one of them didn’t score the goal.

Goal Scorer

The goal scorer is a side bet normally. You can bet on which players will score the goal during the match.

Draw No Bet

It is known as the insurance of the soccer betting. If in the end, the result is a draw then it will return the wager to you.



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Man United vs. City International Champions Cup game canceled | SBOBET

Man United vs. City International Champions Cup game canceled
Due to some concerns over the condition of the pitch at the Bird’s Nest stadium, the International Champions Cup fixture between Manchester United and Manchester City has been cancelled.
Beijing is experiencing a high significant rainfall during recent days and major downpour late at night has resulted the pitch at the 80,000-capacity ground to be unplayable.
Jose Mourinho has said that the pitch is in a “very bad” condition and the situation has led up to the cancellation of the much anticipated match against Pep Guardiola’s City.
Due to the heavy rain Mouriho had also stated that: “I think Beijing is very unlucky because the pitch is very bad.”
City has also made a statement on Monday morning: “Due to the recent weather events, tournament organizers and participating clubs have made the decision to cancel off tonight’s International Champions Cup fixture to be played in Beijing tonight, 25 July.
“Further details and statements will follow.”
In the beginning, the statement said that a news conference would be held up the stadium at 4.30 p.m. local time. However, that statement was removed shortly afterward.
The field is infected with fungus. Even though the affected areas were dug up, heavy rain in Beijing has washed away the replacement turf.
Both managers are concerned that their players could pick up injuries as the pitch would be a dangerous playing surface for both sides. As a result of that, both teams were forced to switch their prematch training sessions to the nearby Olympic Sports Centre in order to protect the pitch.
The staff on the ground have been working day and night to ensure the safety of the pitch and City even did send over their groundsman Craig Knight to help out the situation.
The match would have been the first Manchester derby to be played abroad. Both sides will next meet on September 10 in the Premier League at Old Trafford.
On July 30, United would be scheduled to play against Galatasaray while City will have to face Borussia Dortmund who beat the Red Devils 4-1 last week on July 28.
Spokesperson of the tournament Patrick Murphy said: “As the leading pre-season tournament globally, International Champions Cup is committed to deliver safe and professional match conditions for the world’s best footballers, this in turn will delivers great entertainment for the fans. The dangerous weather leading up to the match in Beijing has damaged the National Stadium playing surface to a degree where it leaves the pitch in un-playable condition.
“We have collectively made this cancellation decision in the interest of the player safety and concerns over the players’ subsequent ability to put on a display for the fans that meets the quality standard of the International Champions Cup.
“We thank all parties who contributed to the planned staging of this match, in particular the tens of thousands of fans who committed to purchasing tickets. An appropriate refund policy will be put in place by our local partners for those fans.”
Executive vice-chairman Ed Woodward from United side said: “It’s extremely disappointing not to be able to play the game in this amazing stadium but the recent torrential rain would have caused problems anywhere in the world and has left the pitch unplayable.
“We understood that the fans in China will, like the players and staff, be saddened by the cancellation of the match but I am sure that they will also appreciate the safety of the players has to be the top priority. I am confident that we will return to the Bird’s Nest in the future to give them the chance to see the team in action.”
The chief executive of City side, Ferran Soriano said that: “We are disappointed not being able to play for our supporters here in Beijing. All of the players have been working really hard in training to prepare for an exciting derby.
“We are aware that everyone was looking forward to the game, but we understand that this bad weather is beyond anyone’s control, the extreme rain has made it dangerous to play on this pitch. It has been a pleasure and honor to experience such warm welcome from the people and supporters here in Beijing, and we will remain committed to playing here in the future.”
Due to the cancellation, the International Champions Cup will no longer have a tournament winner in China

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Lucky 15 Football Betting | Maxbet Malaysia

Lucky 15 Football Betting Maxbet Malaysia

What are Lucky 15 Bets?

There are many types of football betting available for you to place your bet in order to win big from your football betting. However, not all bets are created the same. Some of the bet are more favorable to for one off winning while some other bets are great for winning in the long run.
One of the best football betting technique that is used by many football betting players would be the Lucky 15 bets. Some of you might be wondering what exactly the lucky 15 bets is.
The Lucky 15 bet is actually a type of betting accumulator that people use to place bet on their football matches. Besides football betting, some sport betting players had also use this betting technique to place bets on horse and greyhound racing as well.
Placing a bet under the Lucky 15 would mean that the football betting fan are betting on fifteen individual permutations under four separate matches. These matches are inclusive of the collection of singles, doubles, trebles and also one fourfold. The fifteen bets are as follow:
4 singles
6 doubles
4 trebles
1 fourfold
A standard Lucky 15 will cost you only $15 in total. This $15 is the collective of $1 in each separate bet. When you bet on the Lucky 15, each of the fifteen bets would be placed with the same amount of money.

How Does A Lucky 15 Bet Work?

For example, when you choose Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham to each win their games in a Lucky 15 bet, the single bet that you place will only win you a small sum of money every time one of those teams win their match.
One the other hand, if two of your chosen team win, you will end up winning the double bets along with two singles bets.
In the event where three of your chosen team win, the bookmaker would have to pay you for one treble, two doubles and three singles. Finally, if you manage to pick all four winners for your bets, you will get to enjoy the maximum win which is consist of all fifteen different win which will be four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold.

What Are The Benefits of The Lucky 15 Bet?

Using the Lucky 15 bet, you are able to spread your bets across a number matches and diversify your bets. This is a more secured betting strategy which lead to a better investment for you. The Lucky 15 is also a better bet if compare to the standard accumulator and has been proven to provide a better payout for all football betting players.
Well, the Lucky 15 is not a bet where it will provide a one hit wonder betting returns that will enable you to buy yourself an island. In a matter of fact, they are more cater towards the football betting players who are slightly more risk averse who and like to place accumulator type of bets. The Lucky 15 is a great bet whereby you will be insured of a bit of compensation even when one of your selected team concedes a 90 minute equalizer.
This betting strategy is used by many football betting players for betting on anytime goalscorers. This type of betting can provide a higher odds than any bet on single matches.

Better Odds on The Lucky 15

There are many bookmaker across the web that is offering special deals on the Lucky 15 in order to attack football betting players to place their bets on their platform. In many occasion, you will be offered a rewarding bonus for selecting a number of winners. Sometimes, you would even get a double odds on a single for your bets.

When Should You Avoid Lucky 15 Bet?

The Lucky 15 provide a great value for all football betting players due to its accumulator style that will still reward the football betting players even when they are not lucky enough to predict all the winners. Given that this betting style offer some compensation for the football betting players and prevent them from heavier loss, the Lucky 15 is famous among the ‘weekend football betting players’ due the protection that it offers.
However, if you feel that you are more confident about a certain bet and you have four sure fire team as your selection, it would generally make more sense to place your bets with a much more lucrative bets such as the four trebles or even the one fourfold accumulator. Betting on the high yield accumulator will result in more rewards and bigger winning as compare to the low-yield single and double bets.


Winning in football betting will be easier if you know what you are doing. Make sure you do some proper research on your team selection and place your bets while being aware of the odds offered. Betting with Lucky 15 is much safer as compare to any other types of bets. If you are one of the football betting players that enjoy steady win, the Lucky 15 football bet would be the best choice for you.
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Forbes Most Valuable Football Club 2016 | Real Madrid | Maxbet Malaysia

real madrid maxbet
real madrid maxbet
According to Forbes, Real Madrid remain as the most valuable football club in the world. Their position is closely followed by Barcelona in second placing.

The Forbes List

However, comparing to other sport clubs around the world, Real Madrid still fall short to NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports team. The Dallas Cowboys has successfully overtake the Spanish football club Real Madrid for the top spot in a list of world’s 50 most valuable sports team.
The NFL Cowboys rose 25% in value to $4billion as compare to last year while Real Madrid only rose 12% to $3.65 billion over the same period of time.
In the past three years since 2011, the La Liga giant has been the highest ranking club in the world in terms of value. The NFL Cowboy jump in value mark the first time Real Madrid has fail to occupy the top spot since 2011.
With a calculated value of $3.65 billion, Real Madrid will still remain as the most valuable football club in the world. Besides Real Madrid, eight other clubs make the rank in the Forbes list. The other L Liga rivals, Barcelona were at the second spot with a value of $3.55 billion.
Most valuable sports teams:
1. Cowboys $4B
2. Real Madrid $3.65B
3. Barcelona $3.55B
4. Yankees $3.4B
5. Man United $3.32B
Manchester United come in fifth in the list and have a value of $3.32 billion.
Other football club that made the list include Bayern Munich at No. 12 with $2.68 billion, Arsenal at No. 23 with $2.02 billion, Manchester City at No. 28 with $1.92 billion, Chelsea at No. 36 with 1.67 billion, and Liverpool at No. 41 with $1.55 billion.
In addition to their value, Real Madrid also led all teams in revenue, generating $694 million during the 2014-15 season.
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Portugal as EURO 2016 Champion | Cristiano Ronaldo | Maxbet Malaysia

The EURO 2016 had finally came to a great end as Portugal had been crown as the champion in this year European Championship. The story of EURO 2016 is an interesting one and many would not have thought that things would end up as it is.
Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has been the driving force for the Portugal side ever since the start of the campaign. Having score the winning goal through penalty for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League against Atlético Madrid, Ronaldo went into the EURO 2016 on top form along with ambitious goal of winning the EURO 2016.
However, there was a big twist during the 25th minutes when Ronaldo had to relent to his knee injury and leave the field in agony while crying when he is being carried out on a stretcher. He tried hard to stay in the pitch. In fact, he tried twice but in the end had to give up because there seem to be no quick fix for his knee injury at that moment.
Everyone watching the match would have thought that this would be the end for Portugal. The French team had been attacking aggressively into the Portugal territory but thanks to the strong defending effort by the Portugal side, they are able to hold the game until it reach the extra time.
As the EURO 2016 went into the extra time, when it all seem like the penalties will be coming, Portugal provide another twist to the final when Eder strike in the winning goal. It was a magical moment for everyone as no one had expected a goal from that area of the field.
“He shot without looking at the goal, almost to get rid of the ball and without necessarily believing that he would score. And it went in. In the end, it’s a super goal and a stroke of genius,” said Dugarry the ex-French player.
As the Portugal team travel back to their country, Ronaldo said that the team’s success at the EURO 2016 meant that they had gone down in the nation’s history.
The Portugal team had landed back in Lisbon after the EURO 2016 final of 1-0 win over the French team in an exciting match. This is their first ever success at a major international tournament.
Thousands of happy fans cheer for the Portugal team as they parade through the capital on the way to the Belem Palace. The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa were there to welcome them. After that, they were brought to the central Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques square whereby they are cheer on by many more thousands of fans as Ronaldo spoke at the podium.
“All of you, all the emigrants, these players, the coach — everyone deserves this,” Ronaldo said. “We have gone down in the history of Portugal. We are the first to win a big competition for our country. You deserve this as you always believed in us. Thank you all.”
The Portugal team join in with the Real Madrid star as he perform his trademark “Siiiuuu” as the celebration is continued with great cheers from the crowd.
Ronaldo mentioned on the social media that he is excited to begin his holidays soon. However, it seem like there is no sign of further complication in his knee injury that saw him being substituted out early in the EURO 2016 final.
The 31-year-old also said on social media that he was due to begin his holidays but there has yet to be any confirmation on the extent of the knee injury that saw him substituted early in Sunday’s final.
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Football Betting: Full Time Income on Football Betting?

Football betting for full time income

Football betting

As the popularity of football betting continue to grow, more and more football betting players are placing their bets online. There are many online sport betting platforms in Malaysia. Some of the most famous platform would include Maxbet Malaysia, Ibcbet, Gvbet, Sbobet, Tbsbet and Igkbet.
The game of football is not a game by chance. It may seem like the game is either win, lose or draw, a deeper look into the game would show that there might be a systematic approach to successfully predict the game.
If you have been winning from your bets consistently, you might be having the most enjoyable time of your life. Most of the football betting players have been wondering if they can make football betting their career. If you are thinking of making football betting your main source of income, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.
If you are serious about making football betting your full time income, there are a few factor that you will need to take note in order to win consistently from your bets.

Do not be overconfident with your bets

One of the most common mistakes that football betting players always make is that they think that they will correctly predict the winner of every match. They should admit that there are times when their prediction might turn out to be different from what they have initially thought. Given the most complete research and game analysis, there are still chances whereby the result of the game is not in your favor.

Listen to expert advice

There are many football betting fans making big money in their bets just by listening to the expert advice. The advice taken from the football betting expert can be a really good source to guide you into making the best decisions for your bets. Listening to the expert for football betting tips before making your bets would be really beneficial especially for the beginners. However, the hard part of this would be finding the real expert that are giving out these advice. There are many blogs and forums offering free football betting advice to the football betting players but not all of them are legitimate and authentic.

Do not guess your bets

Many football betting players also use guesses instead of facts when placing their football bets. If you are serious about winning your bets, one of the most important rule to follow is not to place your bet just by guessing the team that will win the match. Many football betting players place their bets based purely on their gut feelings. This is the worst type of bets that will most likely result in losing your bets. The better approach would be to do a research on the match and place your bet base on the fact that will lead you to better game prediction.

Research on your bets

Doing research on the football game would give you a better view of the outcome of the match. Some of the most important factor to take note when doing your research include match statistics, key players form analysis, rumors surrounding team morale, home and away performance, etc. Do not rely solely on other people’s opinions if you want to place a winning bets. There are a few source where football betting players can get their information and these sources would include the newspaper, websites, blog, forum, etc.

Do not get emotional with your bets

Football betting players should also never place their bets while under emotional stress. It is also important not to get too carry away when you are winning your bets. Placing bets by following your preset strategy will also ensure you to win consistently in your bets. Also to take note that never place any bet when you are frustrated. Some players get very upset whenever they lose their bets. They would even double up their bets in order to win back all their previous losses. Chasing losses has proven to be ineffective and all football betting players should avoid it as much as possible.

Be prepare to lose your bet

A general rule for football betting: always be prepare to lose the amount of money you are looking to win. It is also wise if you can set a betting budget and stop placing any bets when you have reach the limit of your betting budget. Many football betting players get frustrated and got out of control when they lose more money than they can ever afford.


Football betting may be a great hobby and entertainment for many people who practice moderation when placing their bets. If you are planning to make a career out of football betting and earn full time income with your football bets, you must avoid some of the mistakes that football betting players make. Apart from that, you must also have follow a winning strategy and take advice from the football betting expert in order to earn full time income from your bets.

Sport Betting Secret for Bigger Win | Maxbet | Football Betting Tips

sport betting secret maxbet winning tips
sport betting secret maxbet winning tips

Sport betting secret for bigger win

Sport betting secret is one of the most sought after topic among the sport betting fans. Sport betting has become one of the most popular hobbies among people who enjoy some gambling. If sport betting is done right, it can be more profitable that casino betting. Most of the casino games are based on probabilities. On the other hand, sport betting is based on knowledge, information and experience. If the sport betting players have done their homework, the chances of winning sports bets are much higher than casino betting.
According to various reports, the majority of sport fans has tried sport betting at least once or twice in their life to see if their love or the sports will translate into sport betting success. No matter what is the intention of their bets, everyone who does sport betting are doing it to win. Opening a sport betting account and placing a bet is actually very easy and simple. Winning in sport betting on the other hand is actually a difficult task. It is difficult but not impossible to achieve. Most of the sport betting players lose their bets because they have not done their homework to justify their bets. Below are some of the sport betting secret that all sport betting players must practice in order to win big with their bets.

Betting objetively

In order to win big in sport betting, you really need to avoid some of the most common mistake made by sport betting players. The first sport betting secret is involve betting objectively on games that your favorite team participate in. In other words, it also mean that as a fan, you should know your team better than anyone else and would have a general idea on whether your team will win or lose the match.
You should capitalize on your knowledge regarding your favorite team and make a bet base on their performance in the past few games. If your team is not performing well lately, it is perfectly fine to place a bet on them losing the next match. You should always place a bet on your favorite team when you think they may lose. This can be a difficult thing to do but it is also the greatest bet that will bring in your desired results. Honestly, not many people can bet objectively on the games that their favorite team is playing in. Failing to do so would means that you are unable to bet objectively and this will hurt your betting decision on your future bets regarding your favorite team.

Search the internet for vital information

The internet is well connected nowadays. With a few simple search and clicks, any sport betting players would have access to the information that they require at any point of time. Even if you are not following the news closely, you can use the internet to your advantage anytime to get information regarding your next bets.
With this being said, all sport betting players should do their homework before they place their next bet. Betting blindly or base on gut feeling is not the right way to place a bet if you are serious about winning. Many sport betting players who place their bet without any research are actually doing it to seek the thrill of betting instead of betting to win.

Open a few betting accounts

Apart from that, sport betting players should also open a few betting accounts from different bookmaker. This is because different bookmaker would offer different odds and price on the same match. If you are experience enough in sport betting, you would spot the right odds and price to place your bets. You should always compare the price and odds that is being offered by the bookmaker and place your bets with the best odds and price offered.

Record down your bets

Some of the top sport betting players would actually record down each bets that they place. On one hand, this would allow them to summarize all their bets and know exactly on how much they are winning or losing in total. This would also allow them to have a better money management system and know how much they can afford to bet on the next match.
Keeping a record for each bet has its advantages. Using this method, sport betting players will be recording the result of the each match performance and they can use them for future reference. Top sport betting players would have a record of their past performance and will use these data to correctly judge the winner for the next match.


If you are serious about winning big in sport betting, it is time to practice some of these sport betting secret. Follow these steps and you will greatly increase your chances of winning bigger bets over the long run. Wining in sport betting is not easy, but it is not hard as well.


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What is Online Sports Betting?

online sportbook
online sportbook
A majority of the men in the world love to watch live sports game. In fact, this is a man’s nature – aggressive, eager to win, and constantly seeking for excitements. And, this is probably one of the biggest enemies to all women in the world, as men would rather probably spend more time watching live sports games than caring about their partners. There are many types of sports games, such as football, American football, basketball, baseball, hockey, badminton, and many others. Amongst these sports games, football is undoubtedly the most popular sports games of all. Over the years, billions have been spent on the advertising or any other areas that are related to football, and it has the largest sports event in the world – World Cup, which is held once every four years. This is also one of the sports games that women will never understand.
Each of the football fans is likely to have their own favorite football teams, from some of the major football leagues around the world. They hope to see their favorite teams to win over the football match. Sometimes, they would even place bets on their favorite team. If the live score result turns out to be in favor, they will be even happier. But, what actually is online sports betting? Under a traditional way, one person would privately deal with a football bookie (the person who accepts bets from players and act as the banker) to place bets for their favorite teams. This could be traced all the way back to hundred years ago. Nevertheless, the betting mode has slowly changed over time, given the growing popularity of the use of internet nowadays. People spend more time on surfing internet than communication with a human being. This is a sad truth. However, this phenomenon has indirectly stimulated the entire sports betting industry as players can now place bets through more convenient and seamless online platforms, thus bringing the total betting volume of the industry as a whole to a new high in the history.
Today, I would say one person is not able to catch up with the technological movements if he is reluctant to learn, as the wording is changing too fast. This is revolution, whether you accept or not, it is an unchanged fact. As such , you need to understand the background of the latest current situation of the world’s football betting industry, if you do not want to stay behind the trend. Now, let us explore more on some of the areas that covers online sports betting.

What is Online Sports Betting?

Online sports betting is a form of gambling that allows players to place bets through the use of online betting platform. With the availability of online sports betting platforms, players do not have to deal with football bookie face-to-face in order to place their bets. Instead, they are interacting with some of the online football bookie agents through computers or mobile devices, or even directly dealing with some international online sportbook makers around the world. There is no boundary in the world of internet, while you can reach out to the other end of the world within seconds. Therefore, each of the stakeholders in online sports betting are actually engaging with each other anonymously, unless the service providers are licensed online sportbook makers, however, this might not be applicable to some of the countries which do not allows the activities of online sports betting.

How to Place Bets Through Online Sports Betting?

Traditionally, a player would place their bets by communicating with the football bookie through phone or SMS. With online sports betting platform, a player needs not to engage with such bookie anymore. Instead, they can actually place bets by themselves. But how? First of all, you would need to think about which sports betting product you would like to use over time. Some of the largest online sports betting brands in the South East Asia Region include MaxBet (formerly known as IBCBet), SBOBet, Bet365, IGKBet, TBSBet, and GVBet, all of which provide more or less the same betting odds to players. We are not going to talk about the good and bad associated with these products, however, you may obtain more information from some of the online sports betting review sites, if you are domiciled in Malaysia. After having chosen the most appropriate sports betting products for yourself, the next thing you need to do is to get a reliable online sports betting agent.
In Malaysia, there are tons of online sports betting agents in the market who provide online betting services through online betting sites. You are required to perform studies to find out which one is the most trusted and reliable to place your bets with. Once you have identified the best online sports betting sites to place your bets, you need to register an official member account with the site and then make cash deposits in return for betting limits. One thing that is worth highlighted, which is the extra bonus packages for online sports betting offered by most of the online betting sites. By taking the bonus entitlements, you will be able to increase your wagers, thus increasing your winning probability as well. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of the rollover requirements, which impose certain rules to limit your withdrawal action before achieving the stipulated betting turnover.
If you want to withdraw from your online sports betting account, you may just submit withdrawal request on the site, and specify the amount that you would like to take out from your account. Some of the site only allow one withdrawal transaction per day, which is not user-friendly at all. I personally like to deal with those sites that offer unlimited withdrawal transactions on a daily basis. There is no point for them to keep your funds which would increase your risks of not getting back your money if something unfavourable happens. Once your withdrawal transaction has been successfully processed, such money would then be transferred into your registered bank account immediately. Remember, do not use false personal information to register with the sites for your bank accounts, as the site might refuse to pay you if they find out your account is not under a real person.

I hope the above would give you a basic background for what online sports betting is about. In the following topics, I would try to cover more on some of the most popular online sports betting styles. Stay-tuned!


Watching the 2016 UEFA Eurocup Live with MaxBet Malaysia

MaxBet Malaysia Soccer Live Streaming
MaxBet Malaysia Soccer Live Streaming


Watching the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup Live at Home

Celebrating the 2016 UEFA Euro Cup with MaxBet Malaysia! As the world’s largest sports event in 2016, billions of people are awaiting the arrival of this mega soccer event which will be officially held in June 2016. I believe not only men, but some of the women will go crazy about this sports event as well. Many would start questioning: Where should I watch the exciting live football games? At pub with a couple glasses of beer with my best buddies? Nah, there would be full house and it’s very hard to get a perfect seat. Why not just watch at home comfortably, while you could be inviting some of your friends who are also football fans to enjoy the game together? Some of you might not have subscribed for paid sports channel at home. It’s not necessary to pay for this service. With MaxBet Malaysia, you can always watch any sport games with zero charges.

Enjoy Live Football Streaming for Free

MaxBet Malaysia positions itself as the largest online sports betting platform in Asia Pacific region, especially Malaysia, that has served millions of sports betting players in the past. MaxBet Malaysia continues to innovate modernised sports-related software technology to reward its customers, making the online betting platform one of the best in the market. To gain access to its live football streaming services for free, all you have to do is just to register an official member account with MaxBet Malaysia. Later on, login ID and password will be given without any extra charges. Then you may begin to watch free sports live games for free!


Can Online Sports Betting Players Make Profit from Betting with Syndicate Tips?

MaxBet Malaysia
MaxBet Malaysia


There is a bunch of paid platforms in the market offering syndicate or insider tips for soccer/football betting, claiming that players would win limitless with the use of their football tips. Typically, such a paid platform will collect monthly subscription fees from the players as a revenue for them to release the tips. Under some rare cases, the players even need to share a certain percentage of the win/lose profit that they have made from football betting by using the syndicate tips.
What makes us curious is that such are such syndicate or insider tips resourceful and profitable? My answer is yes or no. There are two sides. Some tips are simply fake tips which are made up out of nowhere just to con the innocent ones. Another type of football tips are real tips that are released from the football syndicates. These syndicates are the ones who manipulate and control the final football game result with lucrative monetary offers being made to the football players. However, syndicates are not able to manipulate all football games, except those less well-known football teams from minor soccer leagues. This is because famous football players from major soccer leagues such as English Premier League, are paid at a sky-high figures as their annual salary, and the cost to manipulate is not economically efficient and will even lead to losses at the end. As such, most of the manipulated football games are not from the major soccer leagues.
With reliable and accurate insider tips, one can easily make quick profits from online sports betting. However, large online sportbook maker such as MaxBet Malaysia does not accept any abnormal tickets from the online sports betting players. Any violation would probably lead to the result of not getting paid. Any football ticket using syndicate tips can be traced all the way back by analyzing the online football betting odds. MaxBet Malaysia has a large team of professional sports trader to perform this task. Therefore, the best way to make long-term profit from online sports betting is to conduct thorough analysis on football match before placing your bet. Best of luck and enjoy betting on your favourite football team!

Party Roulette Live Casino Game at MaxBet Malaysia | IBCBet Malaysia Online Sports Betting | Online Soccer Betting

MaxBet/IBCBet Malaysia Party Roulette Live Casino Game


More often, casino players bet with serious and dull live casino dealers in a land-based casino, not even have the chance to speak a word with them. But have you seen a dancing sexy live casino dealer before? It’s hard to believe right? Party Live Casino is exclusively available at only MaxBet Malaysia, which is also the first and one of its kind in the Malaysia online gambling market. MaxBet Malaysia has been traditionally believed to be focusing on sports betting products since it’s the mainstream of its gambling business. However, alongside increasing competitiveness in the online gambling industry worldwide, MaxBet Malaysia has “think out of the box” to be the first to roll out the Party Live Casino with sexy dancing live casino dealers accompanying all online betting players.
With MaxBet Malaysia’s Party Live Casino, online betting is now even more exciting. What does a man like the most? My guess is money and woman…hmmm…should be women! LOL. Party Roulette is also of the most popular live casino games under MaxBet Malaysia’s live casino game series that has attracted millions of online casino players. Despite the fact that MaxBet Malaysia is always perceived as the leading online sports betting platform, we also can’t deny the fact that it is also performing greatly in the development of online casino games. This is one of the reasons why thousands or even more Malaysians have chosen MaxBet Malaysia (aka IBCBet Malaysia) as their daily gaming partner over long-term. Wanna try this Party Roulette game? Just visit official website: to find out more info.