Football Betting: Full Time Income on Football Betting?

Football betting for full time income

Football betting

As the popularity of football betting continue to grow, more and more football betting players are placing their bets online. There are many online sport betting platforms in Malaysia. Some of the most famous platform would include Maxbet Malaysia, Ibcbet, Gvbet, Sbobet, Tbsbet and Igkbet.
The game of football is not a game by chance. It may seem like the game is either win, lose or draw, a deeper look into the game would show that there might be a systematic approach to successfully predict the game.
If you have been winning from your bets consistently, you might be having the most enjoyable time of your life. Most of the football betting players have been wondering if they can make football betting their career. If you are thinking of making football betting your main source of income, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration.
If you are serious about making football betting your full time income, there are a few factor that you will need to take note in order to win consistently from your bets.

Do not be overconfident with your bets

One of the most common mistakes that football betting players always make is that they think that they will correctly predict the winner of every match. They should admit that there are times when their prediction might turn out to be different from what they have initially thought. Given the most complete research and game analysis, there are still chances whereby the result of the game is not in your favor.

Listen to expert advice

There are many football betting fans making big money in their bets just by listening to the expert advice. The advice taken from the football betting expert can be a really good source to guide you into making the best decisions for your bets. Listening to the expert for football betting tips before making your bets would be really beneficial especially for the beginners. However, the hard part of this would be finding the real expert that are giving out these advice. There are many blogs and forums offering free football betting advice to the football betting players but not all of them are legitimate and authentic.

Do not guess your bets

Many football betting players also use guesses instead of facts when placing their football bets. If you are serious about winning your bets, one of the most important rule to follow is not to place your bet just by guessing the team that will win the match. Many football betting players place their bets based purely on their gut feelings. This is the worst type of bets that will most likely result in losing your bets. The better approach would be to do a research on the match and place your bet base on the fact that will lead you to better game prediction.

Research on your bets

Doing research on the football game would give you a better view of the outcome of the match. Some of the most important factor to take note when doing your research include match statistics, key players form analysis, rumors surrounding team morale, home and away performance, etc. Do not rely solely on other people’s opinions if you want to place a winning bets. There are a few source where football betting players can get their information and these sources would include the newspaper, websites, blog, forum, etc.

Do not get emotional with your bets

Football betting players should also never place their bets while under emotional stress. It is also important not to get too carry away when you are winning your bets. Placing bets by following your preset strategy will also ensure you to win consistently in your bets. Also to take note that never place any bet when you are frustrated. Some players get very upset whenever they lose their bets. They would even double up their bets in order to win back all their previous losses. Chasing losses has proven to be ineffective and all football betting players should avoid it as much as possible.

Be prepare to lose your bet

A general rule for football betting: always be prepare to lose the amount of money you are looking to win. It is also wise if you can set a betting budget and stop placing any bets when you have reach the limit of your betting budget. Many football betting players get frustrated and got out of control when they lose more money than they can ever afford.


Football betting may be a great hobby and entertainment for many people who practice moderation when placing their bets. If you are planning to make a career out of football betting and earn full time income with your football bets, you must avoid some of the mistakes that football betting players make. Apart from that, you must also have follow a winning strategy and take advice from the football betting expert in order to earn full time income from your bets.

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