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According to Forbes, Real Madrid remain as the most valuable football club in the world. Their position is closely followed by Barcelona in second placing.

The Forbes List

However, comparing to other sport clubs around the world, Real Madrid still fall short to NFL’s Dallas Cowboys as the most valuable sports team. The Dallas Cowboys has successfully overtake the Spanish football club Real Madrid for the top spot in a list of world’s 50 most valuable sports team.
The NFL Cowboys rose 25% in value to $4billion as compare to last year while Real Madrid only rose 12% to $3.65 billion over the same period of time.
In the past three years since 2011, the La Liga giant has been the highest ranking club in the world in terms of value. The NFL Cowboy jump in value mark the first time Real Madrid has fail to occupy the top spot since 2011.
With a calculated value of $3.65 billion, Real Madrid will still remain as the most valuable football club in the world. Besides Real Madrid, eight other clubs make the rank in the Forbes list. The other L Liga rivals, Barcelona were at the second spot with a value of $3.55 billion.
Most valuable sports teams:
1. Cowboys $4B
2. Real Madrid $3.65B
3. Barcelona $3.55B
4. Yankees $3.4B
5. Man United $3.32B
Manchester United come in fifth in the list and have a value of $3.32 billion.
Other football club that made the list include Bayern Munich at No. 12 with $2.68 billion, Arsenal at No. 23 with $2.02 billion, Manchester City at No. 28 with $1.92 billion, Chelsea at No. 36 with 1.67 billion, and Liverpool at No. 41 with $1.55 billion.
In addition to their value, Real Madrid also led all teams in revenue, generating $694 million during the 2014-15 season.
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