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Lucky 15 Football Betting Maxbet Malaysia

What are Lucky 15 Bets?

There are many types of football betting available for you to place your bet in order to win big from your football betting. However, not all bets are created the same. Some of the bet are more favorable to for one off winning while some other bets are great for winning in the long run.
One of the best football betting technique that is used by many football betting players would be the Lucky 15 bets. Some of you might be wondering what exactly the lucky 15 bets is.
The Lucky 15 bet is actually a type of betting accumulator that people use to place bet on their football matches. Besides football betting, some sport betting players had also use this betting technique to place bets on horse and greyhound racing as well.
Placing a bet under the Lucky 15 would mean that the football betting fan are betting on fifteen individual permutations under four separate matches. These matches are inclusive of the collection of singles, doubles, trebles and also one fourfold. The fifteen bets are as follow:
4 singles
6 doubles
4 trebles
1 fourfold
A standard Lucky 15 will cost you only $15 in total. This $15 is the collective of $1 in each separate bet. When you bet on the Lucky 15, each of the fifteen bets would be placed with the same amount of money.

How Does A Lucky 15 Bet Work?

For example, when you choose Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham to each win their games in a Lucky 15 bet, the single bet that you place will only win you a small sum of money every time one of those teams win their match.
One the other hand, if two of your chosen team win, you will end up winning the double bets along with two singles bets.
In the event where three of your chosen team win, the bookmaker would have to pay you for one treble, two doubles and three singles. Finally, if you manage to pick all four winners for your bets, you will get to enjoy the maximum win which is consist of all fifteen different win which will be four singles, six doubles, four trebles and one fourfold.

What Are The Benefits of The Lucky 15 Bet?

Using the Lucky 15 bet, you are able to spread your bets across a number matches and diversify your bets. This is a more secured betting strategy which lead to a better investment for you. The Lucky 15 is also a better bet if compare to the standard accumulator and has been proven to provide a better payout for all football betting players.
Well, the Lucky 15 is not a bet where it will provide a one hit wonder betting returns that will enable you to buy yourself an island. In a matter of fact, they are more cater towards the football betting players who are slightly more risk averse who and like to place accumulator type of bets. The Lucky 15 is a great bet whereby you will be insured of a bit of compensation even when one of your selected team concedes a 90 minute equalizer.
This betting strategy is used by many football betting players for betting on anytime goalscorers. This type of betting can provide a higher odds than any bet on single matches.

Better Odds on The Lucky 15

There are many bookmaker across the web that is offering special deals on the Lucky 15 in order to attack football betting players to place their bets on their platform. In many occasion, you will be offered a rewarding bonus for selecting a number of winners. Sometimes, you would even get a double odds on a single for your bets.

When Should You Avoid Lucky 15 Bet?

The Lucky 15 provide a great value for all football betting players due to its accumulator style that will still reward the football betting players even when they are not lucky enough to predict all the winners. Given that this betting style offer some compensation for the football betting players and prevent them from heavier loss, the Lucky 15 is famous among the ‘weekend football betting players’ due the protection that it offers.
However, if you feel that you are more confident about a certain bet and you have four sure fire team as your selection, it would generally make more sense to place your bets with a much more lucrative bets such as the four trebles or even the one fourfold accumulator. Betting on the high yield accumulator will result in more rewards and bigger winning as compare to the low-yield single and double bets.


Winning in football betting will be easier if you know what you are doing. Make sure you do some proper research on your team selection and place your bets while being aware of the odds offered. Betting with Lucky 15 is much safer as compare to any other types of bets. If you are one of the football betting players that enjoy steady win, the Lucky 15 football bet would be the best choice for you.
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