Many Different Types of Soccer Betting | Football Sports Betting | Online Sportsbook Malaysia

Many Different Types of Soccer Betting | Football Sports Betting | Online Sportsbook Malaysia

Online Sports Betting

The online sports betting is getting popular in the Malaysia. Sports betting is one of the online casino games which placing the bet on a favorite sports team to win the game. It is played on the real time and real games, unlike the casino video games which controlled by the computer. But the sports betting is giving through the real result by the real-time sports match. Sports betting is including most of the sports games in the world.

Maxbet Malaysia

In the Malaysia, that’s a lot of the sports betting site surrounding. They include the Maxbet Malaysia. Maxbet Malaysia is the leading online sports betting site in the Malaysia, formerly it was called IBCbet Malaysia. Now Maxbet Malaysia is offering the live games and online slot games as well, and the IBCbet Malaysia become the sports betting gambling site. They are including various choices of the sports games on the site and more than 100 matches every day. In the Maxbet Malaysia, the soccer is the most played sports betting games and they inserted 50% of the soccer game matches in the site daily.

Sports Betting on Soccer Malaysia

The soccer betting is the most famous sports betting games in the Malaysia. The Malaysian, call the soccer betting as football betting as well. That’s also many Malaysia soccer teams involved in the Asia soccer competition, and slowly the people are interested in the soccer. And the soccer betting in available on the Maxbet Malaysia, so they are supporting their favorite by betting.
In the Malaysia, they have a culture that gathering in the night restaurant (Mamak) to watch soccer match live. The soccer betting had brought the excited feeling to those soccer lovers in the Malaysia. Not just Malaysian, other counties also like the soccer as well especially the European. Since most of the soccer teams are formed in the Europe, so they will support their home country same like the Malaysian did.

Different Kinds of Soccer Betting

The sports betting having a lot of the betting patterns. But in the soccer, once you had chosen the pattern to bet and have to choose which to bet like, play for halftime, play for full time and others. The soccer betting having many different kinds for you to play.

Full-Time Result

Betting on the full-time result mean picking one of three possible outcomes at the end of the result: home team wins; away team win; or draw. The soccer gameplay is using 90 minutes to finish a match, there including the injury time but excludes the extra time, shootout or golden shoot.

Double Chance

Betting on soccer double chance that means picking two out of three possible outcomes at the end of the result. It able to be home team win and draw or away team win and draw or home team and away team wins (no draw). Since it is giving the better chance of winning soccer betting, the bookmaker will not give the good winning odds for the soccer betting double chance.

Correct Score

Betting on soccer correct score is to predict an actual score will be at the end of the result. In order to win the bet, you need to correct prediction on the both teams’ total score in the match.

Full Time/ Half Time

The full time and half time need you to predict which team will win the match or it is a draw match at both full time and half time of the match. In order to win the prize, you have to correct predict the on both full time and half time to award the winning odds.

Full Time/ Half Time Correct Score

In this kind of soccer betting, you not just have to correct winning team on both full time and half time. In the event, you have to correct the prediction of the exact score for each team

Goals Over/ Under

Before the match start, the bookmaker will make a prediction of a total number of goals that team will score. And your job is to guess larger or lesser number of goals than the bookmaker’s prediction. It will award if you guess right.

Both Teams to Score

You can either predict each of the team scores at least one goal, or one of them didn’t score the goal.

Goal Scorer

The goal scorer is a side bet normally. You can bet on which players will score the goal during the match.

Draw No Bet

It is known as the insurance of the soccer betting. If in the end, the result is a draw then it will return the wager to you.



Although there are many kinds of the soccer betting, but the sports betting site will carry all of that into their gambling site. The soccer betting in the Maxbet Malaysia, they are using the full time/ half time as the kind of their soccer betting. It is the great soccer betting service in the Maxbet Malaysia. If you are new to the sports betting, come and join Maxbet Malaysia to play the best Online Sports Betting of the Malaysia.

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