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The EURO 2016 had finally came to a great end as Portugal had been crown as the champion in this year European Championship. The story of EURO 2016 is an interesting one and many would not have thought that things would end up as it is.
Portugal captain Cristiano Ronaldo has been the driving force for the Portugal side ever since the start of the campaign. Having score the winning goal through penalty for Real Madrid in the UEFA Champions League against Atlético Madrid, Ronaldo went into the EURO 2016 on top form along with ambitious goal of winning the EURO 2016.
However, there was a big twist during the 25th minutes when Ronaldo had to relent to his knee injury and leave the field in agony while crying when he is being carried out on a stretcher. He tried hard to stay in the pitch. In fact, he tried twice but in the end had to give up because there seem to be no quick fix for his knee injury at that moment.
Everyone watching the match would have thought that this would be the end for Portugal. The French team had been attacking aggressively into the Portugal territory but thanks to the strong defending effort by the Portugal side, they are able to hold the game until it reach the extra time.
As the EURO 2016 went into the extra time, when it all seem like the penalties will be coming, Portugal provide another twist to the final when Eder strike in the winning goal. It was a magical moment for everyone as no one had expected a goal from that area of the field.
“He shot without looking at the goal, almost to get rid of the ball and without necessarily believing that he would score. And it went in. In the end, it’s a super goal and a stroke of genius,” said Dugarry the ex-French player.
As the Portugal team travel back to their country, Ronaldo said that the team’s success at the EURO 2016 meant that they had gone down in the nation’s history.
The Portugal team had landed back in Lisbon after the EURO 2016 final of 1-0 win over the French team in an exciting match. This is their first ever success at a major international tournament.
Thousands of happy fans cheer for the Portugal team as they parade through the capital on the way to the Belem Palace. The President of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa were there to welcome them. After that, they were brought to the central Alameda Dom Afonso Henriques square whereby they are cheer on by many more thousands of fans as Ronaldo spoke at the podium.
“All of you, all the emigrants, these players, the coach — everyone deserves this,” Ronaldo said. “We have gone down in the history of Portugal. We are the first to win a big competition for our country. You deserve this as you always believed in us. Thank you all.”
The Portugal team join in with the Real Madrid star as he perform his trademark “Siiiuuu” as the celebration is continued with great cheers from the crowd.
Ronaldo mentioned on the social media that he is excited to begin his holidays soon. However, it seem like there is no sign of further complication in his knee injury that saw him being substituted out early in the EURO 2016 final.
The 31-year-old also said on social media that he was due to begin his holidays but there has yet to be any confirmation on the extent of the knee injury that saw him substituted early in Sunday’s final.
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